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We offer the following services to our clients:

  • Personal Tax Returns

  • Government Benefit Applications:

    • Canada Pension Plan

    • Old-Age Security

    • Employment Insurance

    • Child Tax Benefits

  • Financial Strategies:

    • Life Insurance

    • Estate Planning

    • Business Planning

About Us

ITR hat and license plate

Not everyone knows what they are entitled to.

You can be left in the dark if you don't know what to ask for when you are planning your financial future. And sometimes, government employees simply don't know everything about how they can help you. We know what the government won't tell you... and we update our knowledge constantly. Using our services gives you more than just a cheque in the mail - we provide ongoing, year-round financial services and more.

Taxes don't end on April 30th!

We work throughout the year on your taxes and financial strategies. The table below explains how our tax year progresses.

Oct. 1 - Feb. 15 Getting Ready
Feb. 15 - Mar. 1 Seniors
Mar. 1 - Apr. 30 Workers - T4 Salary
May 1 - Jun. 15 Self-employed
Jun. 15 - Sep. 30 Audits, Adjustments, Back Taxes

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